Delete your Reddit history, fast!

Bulk delete all your comments and posts, or delete selectively with filters. No download required. Lifetime access per Reddit account!

The simplest Reddit content deleter.

Shreddit saves you hours deleting old Reddit posts and comments. Powerful features let you delete exactly what you want or everything at once.

Reclaim your basic privacy

Delete all comments and posts visible from your profile page.

Use advanced filters

Delete or keep content by Subreddit and by words that appear in your posts or comments.

Keep the very best

Preserve posts and comments by minimum score and moderator status!

Nuke your entire history


Delete from all of the posts and comments you've ever submitted to Reddit!

Maintain your privacy


Schedule tasks to continually delete content on a weekly, monthly, or yearly cadence.

No download required

Shreddit runs on the web. No need to install an intrusive app or browser extension!


Choose your level of privacy protection. Pay once, use forever.


One-time purchase!

Delete from all of the posts and comments visible from your Reddit profile page.

  • Run up to 5 deletion tasks per month
  • Filter by Subreddits, words, score, and mod status
  • Lifetime access per Reddit account
  • Support included


One-time purchase!

Delete from all of your Reddit posts and comments (with archive file upload).

  • Run up to 10 deletion tasks per month
  • Filter by Subreddits, words, score, and mod status
  • Schedule up to 2 recurring deletion tasks
  • Lifetime access per Reddit account
  • Priority support included

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Shreddit uses the Reddit-created and approved application programming interface (API) to delete your content. As an additional safeguard, Shreddit deletes all of your content at a controlled rate that respects Reddit's rules.

Reddit has never taken disciplinary action against an account for using Shreddit.

Yes! As a privacy tool, Shreddit takes your privacy extremely seriously.

Shreddit never saves or logs any of the content you delete. We don't share or sell any of your personal information with third parties, and we don't use your information for marketing or retargeting purposes. You may delete your account at any time to remove your Reddit account information and deletion history from our systems.

For more information on how we use and handle your personal data, please see our full Privacy Policy.

Reddit does not provide access to a user's full comment and post history through their profile page or the Reddit API. As a result, Shreddit requires files from your data request archive to locate all your posts and comments.

You can request your Reddit data at:

Each Shreddit license is valid for one Reddit account. If you have multiple accounts, you'll need to purchase a separate license for each one.

No. Shreddit is a one-time payment per Reddit account for the lifetime of the service.

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